April 26, 2014

Personal Devices at the Desk

Question:  After reading Eva's previous post, see below, I'm wondering why staff in some libraries still have their personal devices constantly at the front desk and are using them for personal use not for instructing the public

October 14, 2013
Personal Devices in Public
 Question:  I'm curious what Eva's opinion is on the use of personal devices by the staff in public view?
Answer by Eva Poole, Library Director:  Personal devices should not be used at any public service point.  If a staff member has a situation where constant or immediate contact is required, he or she should talk with the person in charge to get an exception to keep his mobile phone with him.  If a call is received, however, the staff member should take it away from the public service desk.  

Answer by the Library Communications Team:  Please speak with your supervisor/manager about your concerns.  It might be that the person has permission, for whatever reason, to have his or her device at the desk or it might be, perhaps due to the size of the building, that the supervisor is unaware of how often and how much a person is using a personal device at the desk or in the public area. 


  1. All library system staff, regardless of branch location, should not use their personal devices at any public service point. If the practice continues, in spite of this policy, it is the responsibility of the library supervisor and branch manager at that location to personally address the action as a performance issue.

  2. Do these include devices that are being used to instruct the public on their use, or is it just people using their phones, etc. to text or make/take calls? I have used my personal iPad to show patrons how our app works along with other minor issues they are having with our applications.